Magnolia, 4-16
Forsythia, 4-16
Cleveland Pear, 4-19
Weeping Cherry, 4-20
Tulips, Darwin hybrid, 4-20
Grape Hyacinth, 4-25
Tulips, Blushing Beauty, 4-24
Phlox subulata, 4-26
Serviceberry, 4-26
Euphorbia, bonfire, 4-29
Summercrisp Pear Tree, 4-29
Montmorency Cherry Tree, 4-29
Bartlett Pear and Tulips, 5-6
Narcissus Mount Hood, 5-4
Crabapple, Indian Summer, 5-5
Dicentra spectablis, 5-6
Grape Hyacinth, 5-6
Montmorency Cherry, 5-5
Spring view, 5-7
Liberty Apple tree, 5-7
Macintosh Apple blooms, 5-7
Weeping Crabapple, Ruby Tears, 5-12
Weeping Crabapple, Ruby Tears, 5-12
Phlox subulata, 5-12
Tulips, 5-12
Tulips, Blushing Beauty, 5-17
Weeping Norway Spruce, 5-17
Weeping Norway Spruce, 5-17
Candytuft, 5-17
Lilac Path, 5-17
Lilac bloom, 5-17
Arabis Compinkie, 5-17
May garden, 5-18
Poppy, Double Tangerine, 5-29
Sea Shell Peonies, 6-13
Viburnum, 5-29
Weigela, Polka, 5-29
Willow, Nishiki, 5-29
May day 5-29
Iris, immortality, 5-29
Dianthus, Firewitch, 5-29
Geranium, Alpenglow, 5-29
Iris, War Chief, 5-29
Cloudy day, 5-29
Amsonia Hubrechti, 5-29
Clematis, Bourbon, 5-29
Spirea, Tor, 5-29
Bearded Iris, 5-29
Spiral topiary, 6-3
Ninebark Coppertina, 6-3
Willow nishiki
Golden Panther Iris, 6-2
Iris Happenstance, 6-2
Catmint and irises, 6-10
Catmint patch, 6-15
Ivory Silk Lilac tree, 6-13
Peonies, Sea Shell, 6-12
Peony, Sea Shell, 6-13
Early June 2021
Mid June view, 6-13
Catmint patch, 6-5
Rainbow, 6-19
Smoke tree, Young Lady, 6-20
Smoke tree, 6-18
Peonies and poppies, 6-18
Rainbow, late June
Stairway garden, late June
Sage and grasses, late June
Walkway, late June
Smoke tree, Young Lady, late June
Orange lily, early July
Purple Smoke Tree, early July
Pathway, early July
Echinacea, early July
Nishiki willow, early July
Topiary garden, early July
Echinacea, early July
Hemerocallis, Ruby spider, early July
Hemerocallis, early July
Shasta daisies, early July
Amsonia Hubrechti, early July
Hemerocallis, Christmas, early July
Geranium, Max Frei, early July
Hosta, early July
Echinacea, Sensation Pink, early July
Echinacea, mid July
Pathway, mid July
Balloon Flowers and Hostas, mid July
Snakes, mid July
Lavender Towers, mid July
Late July
South garden, late July
Russian sage, late July
Globe thistle, late July
Newspaper and mulch, 7-31
Prepared for next year planting, 7-31
Russian Sage, 7-31
Hydrangea limelight, 7-31
Liatris spicata, 7-31
Side garden, early August
Rudbeckia and echinacea, early August
Phlox, 7-31
Pear tree and hydrangea, early August
Pear tree, early August
Foggy morning, early August
Brush pile, early August
August light, mid month
Bosc pears, mid August
Weeping blue spruce, mid August
Grasses, late August
Rose of Sharon, late August
Bradford pear, late August
Bradford pears, late August
Tall grasses, mid August
August, golden light
Drumstick allium, late August
early September
early September
early September
early September
mid September
mid September
mid September
Late September
Weeping cherry, early October
Geranium Roxanne, early October
Early October
Autumn Joy, early October
Early October
Fall vista, early October
Weeping spruce, early October
Rabbit, early October
Asters, early October
Montauk daisies, early October
Limelight Hydrangea, mid October
Burning Bush, mid October
Mid October
Pee Wee Hydrangea, mid October
Burlapped trees, Mid October
Tall Grasses, Mid October
Asters, Mid October
Burning bush, late October
Autumn Blaze maple, late October
Blue point spruce, late October
Grasses, late October
Blooming hydrangea, late October
Sage and mums, late October
Maple, late October
Early November
Chamaecyparis, Early November
Hillside, Early November
Grasses, Early November
Topiaries, mid November
Pear tree, mid November
Grasses, mid November
Maple, mid November
Garden path, mid November
Weeping cherry, mid November
Fox glove, mid November
Limelight hydrangea, late November
Rainbow, late November
Weeping cherry, late November
Weeping spruce, late November
Hornbeam, late November
Hodgepodge, late November
Grasses, late November
Stormy, late November
mid December
Pathway, mid December
mid December
Sedum, mid December
Grass path, mid December
Topiary, mid December
Viburnum berries, late December
Skyline, late December
Garden, late December
Topiaries in snow, late December
Magnolia tree, late December
Garden plan from 2013